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Monday, August 9, 2010

phulat village & Jamiatul Imam Waliullah Al -Islamia

In the Largest state of India, U.P. in the wetern Distt. Muzaffarnagar, is the land of gread dignitaries Khatauli is one of its prominent towns. Three Kilometers away in the western side is a small historical place Phulat. This is the historical place where several dignitaries were born. In 1872 A.H. a famous scholar of Islam Qazi Yousuf Nasehi was the tutor of Shah Sikandar Lodhi. He laid the foundation of this village . this village has the honour to be the birth place of such a dignitary as shah Waliulla (Mercy be upon him). And this is the historical place where in the 12th century A.H. Syed Ahmed Shaheed practiced for the jehad. Most of the commanders and soldiers of the army were the inhabitants of this village Phulat.

This village had the honour that the beginning of this village is with and Islamic school (Madarsa). After coming here, Qazi Yousuf Nasehi started his work of teaching and learning, and also started spiritual reforms which were later transformed into a chool cum khanqah. Qutabal Irshad Hazrat Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi rejuvenated this instiutte and named this school as Fizul Islam after the name of his prominent disciple Hazarat Moulana Faiz Ahmed Sh.
In 1988 A.D. under the patron-ship of Hazarat Ali Miyan Nadwi it was rejuvenated by M. Kaleem Siddiqui and it was affiliated to Darul Uloom Nadwa tul Ulama, Lucknow, on 10 th of April 1996. A special course of Dawat (i.e, Takhassus-Fid-Dawa) was intorduced and its inaugral function was held under the auspicious presidentship of Hazarat Ali Miyan Nadwi (Mercy be upon him). On this occasion the name of the madrasa was changed as Jamiatul Imam Waliullah Al-Islamia, Phulat after the name of great Islamic Scholar, Shah Waliullah (Mercy be upon him).
Aapki Amanat Aapki Sewa Mein hindi - urdu 
(good sound,  micro Lady voice )


मौलाना मुहम्मद कलीम सिद्दीकी BSc (chem.)
maulana kaleem siddiqui (phulat)


نو مسلم شمیم بھائی ﴾شیام سندر سے ایک ملاقات

(حضرت مولانا کلیم صدیقی پر حملہ کرنے والے گروہ کے ممبر کا انٹرویو)

शमीम भाई (पूर्व गेंग मेम्‍बर श्याम सुंदर) से एक मुलाकात

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हमें हिदायत कैसे मिली ? +interview

हमें हिदायत कैसे मिली ? +interview 
उन भाईयों के इण्टरव्यूज (मुलाकातें) हैं जिन्हें हजरत मौलाना कलीम सिद्दीकी साहब ने कलमा पढवाया था। कलीम साहब के लडके अहमद अव्वाह द्वारा लिये गये यह सभी इण्टरव्यूज ‘फूलत‘ से प्रकाशित उर्दू मासिक ‘अरमुगान’ में छप चुके हैं। 

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